Thursday, October 14, 2010


Copyright 2008 FX (Marc J. Hart)
The Black Man's Relationship Pledge to Black Women is a list of values and principles that we Black males must internalize or reinforce for our evolution into Black MEN in order to function as healthy mates for our Black women. Enacting these principles can build healthy relationships with Black Women in any and all types of relationships be they erotic, communal, work, relative, cultural and historical. Black women ARE NOT inferior nor our enemies. Our mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers, nieces, friends, comrades and Black womanhood in general deserve the love, respect and protection of Black men.

– I will have integrity in every dealing with my Black sistas and not lie nor hide anything. I will not be manipulative towards Black women for my own carnal gratification.

– I will not physically abuse any sista in anyway, nor will I mentally or emotionally abuse my Black woman.

– I will respect and revere Black womanhood and never tear down nor call sisters "bitch", "ho" or any vulgar and disrespectful name.

– I will value the child or children of my Black woman and treat them with love, respect, nurturing, protection and be a positive role model for any child of a sister.

– I will be responsible for raising our child or children if my Black woman becomes pregnant by me.

– I will be a comforting and patient teacher and or healer. I will not brutally or harshly correct my Black woman and disrespect her intelligence in public or private.

– I will do everything I need to enhance and improve the spiritual, physical and mental health of myself and my Black woman. I will control and eradicate jealousy, selfishness, possessiveness, anger issues and any negative mental or emotional dysfunctions. I will also help my Black woman in her healing.

– I will protect Black women from the predators of this world. I am not a knight in shining armor I am a powerful divine Afrikan warrior and I will destroy anybody and anything that threatens the life of my Black woman. I will however use discretion and reasoning to secure my Black woman to not put her in any danger.

– I will share my feelings with my Black woman, I will communicate properly and intelligibly in order to bring about an understanding between us. A healthy expression of emotion is not a sign of weakness in a man.
– I will not undermine or underestimate the worth and essence of the Black woman.  I will eradicate any and all forms of gender superiority and discrimination within me.  Thus I will listen to my Black woman when she has something to say and I will not have any problem at all with my or any Black woman taking the lead in whatever she needs to take the lead in.
– I am NOT a "playa’", "mack" or "pimp". These things are as much a disrespect of myself as a Black man as well as disrespectful towards my Black Woman.  

– I will be responsible and admit my negativity or when I am wrong. If I screw up, I'll admit it and I will not avoid critique and or correction from Black woman. Apologies and humility are not signs of weakness in a man.

– I will comfort my Black woman when she is angry, saddened or physically ill.  I will empathize and be there for her to make sure she gets through her down period, and speaking of periods....

– I will not ridicule or belittle my Black woman when she is going through her natural monthly elimination cycle.  Nor will I use her menstrual cycle as an excuse for her behavior I deem as an inconvenience to me.

– I will appreciate and value the natural physical beauty of the Black woman, the big sisters and the thin ones, the dark skinned sisters and those who are lighter skinned and those sisters who wear their hair in it’s natural state. I will not objectify Black woman nor see her as a sex object. I will not use european beauty standards towards sisters because all Black women in their unique physical forms have beauty.

– I will not compete against my Black woman for our relationship is not a game or a contest.

– I will work with my Black woman in a cooperative nature to accomplish goals together.  We are a partnership.

– I will do my very best to satisfy my Black woman sexually. I will learn what I need to learn to pleasure her mind, body and soul through sex and or intimacy. If I don't know how to do any of that, I will learn and be patient as my Black woman will teach me.